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Hill Country Heritage Longhorn Sale

Welcome to our web site for the River Ranch. Our Ranch policy is directed at breeding quality longhorn cattle for the best combination of horn, confirmation, color, and disposition that we can accomplish. A lot of our breeding program is based on Tip to Tip (TTT) horn measurements and projections. We breed about thirty five cows a year to the bulls listed below. Our policy is to breed only cows with 70" minimum TTT or projection. We keep twenty recipient cows for carrying the embryos from a few of our best cows.

        RR Sweet Brindle Dust

RR Sweet Brindle Dust was 84-3/8" TTT with 112-1/4" TH (on 10-08-2016 at satellite measuring for the LWC & HSC) @ 5 Years & 11 Months. It is worth noting that at this time he is the second longest total horn bull in the industry (ever), putting him just 4" behind Cowboy Tuff Chex (116-1/4" on 10-08-16).

The big brindle bull from the River Ranch has smoked the competition.
2014 Winner of Bull Alley at the TLBAA Horn Showcase Event
2014 Winner of the TLMA Ultimate Bull @ Longhorn World Championship
 2015 Legacy Sale - He was the featured bull with semen packages offered. 
He is one of those rare bulls that is
80" TTT & 100" TH. It has been done before, but only twice at a younger age  by Cowboy Tuff Chex and RR Escondido Red (pictured below).
Conventional Semen @ $100 a straw.
2.1 Sexed Semen @ Sold Out
5.0 Sexed Semen at $350.00 a straw
Pasture breeding your cow @ $400

RR Escondido Red         


       RR Escondido Red is a new comer to the longhorn world. His DOB is 10-20-2013, His Dam is RR Red Clover and Sire is Cowboy Up Chex. He was 42-3/4" at twelve months, 70-1/2" TTT at 24 months of age and over 80" TTT before he was 36 months old.

It is worth noting that the longhorn industry has not seen this much total horn on a bull this young - ever. Not even Cowboy Tuff Chex. This young bull was 100-1/2" TH at 32 months of age. That is the youngest a bull has ever been measured with over 100" TH. He is 35-1/2 months old now and he is 80-1/4" TTT x 106-1/4" TH.
            2015 Horn Show Case and Longhorn Extravaganza - He won a bronze for both of his categories (TTT & TH) at both events. His TTT is exceptional, but his total horn is actually the best that our industry has ever seen. He is AI Certified and we are s
elling straws for $100. We will also pasture breed your cows to him for $400 each. It is the same pasture breeding deal we have do with RR Sweet Brindle Dust.



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