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Welcome Letter

Welcome to our web site for the River Ranch. Our Ranch policy is directed at breeding quality longhorn cattle for the best combination of horn, confirmation, color, and disposition that we can accomplish. A lot of our breeding program is based on Tip to Tip (TTT) horn measurements and projections. We breed about thirty five cows a year to the bulls listed below. Our policy is to breed only cows with 70" minimum TTT or projection. We keep twenty recipient cows for carrying the embryos from a few of our best cows.

        RR Sweet Brindle Dust
RR Sweet Brindle Dust was 81-1/2" TTT with 103" TH (on 06-28-2014) @ 3 Years & 8 Months
RR Sweet Brindle Dust was 79-1/2" TTT & 100-3/8" TH @ three years old (11-2-2013)
      His bases are 16-3/4", He was 80" TTT before he was 38 months old.

He is one of those rare bulls that is
80" TTT & 100" TH. It has been done before, but only once at a younger age (Cowboy Tuff Chex).

  RR Sweet Brindle Dust was 66" TTT at twenty four months old and 72" TTT at twenty eight months old and 76" at 32 months old. He was 78" at 34 months. To date, his horn growth makes him one of the best bull prospects in the industry. We took him to the Horn Showcase before he was two years old and he swept the bronzes in his age class.
 We have had him with abput fifteen great cows since October 2012. We will get to see what his calves look like pretty soon. 
Conventional Semen @ $100 a straw.
PPF Gun Maker

We recently purchased PPF Gun Maker and put him with some cows. He is owned in partnership with Azinger, Beinek and Miller. If you are interested in the partnership, there is one share left for $2,500. You will own 1/5 of him, receive 40 straws of his semen and be scheduled to pasture breed him at your ranch. On 11-30-12 he had 102" TH and 61-1/2" TTT. He is most widely known as a tool for putting base on his progeny, but he puts a lot of length on them as well. His dam has 105" TH. We have one of his daughters (PPF Mimosa) that had 100" TH at five years old. The world record is currently 110". PPF Mimosa currently has 105" at 5-1/2 years old. Horn Competition - In the last five years, 37of the bronzes we have won were taken with cattle that posessed PPF Gun Maker in their pedigree. There is a reason we have a 61" TTT (eleven year old) bull in our tool box when we own several young 80" TTT bulls.
Conventional Semen $50 @ Straw.

Rich Friedrick- River Ranch Longhorns