Whitetail Deer Hunts


         Sorry - We are booked up the 2014/2015 season. We only take about 18-24 hunters a season (depending on our biologist survey), so it goes pretty fast. This is the only advertising we do. We are now taking reservation deposits for next year - the 2015/2016 season. The cost for a management hunt is $2,100.00. A $300 deposit holds your spot. We take reservations on a first come basis, so when we are booked - we are booked.

      Our whitetail deer herd has been high fenced and aggressively managed starting with the 2003/2004 season. Our deer program is above average and we are selling some management hunts to supplement our feeding program. A management hunt will include a doe and a mature buck. Most of the bucks taken as management bucks will have 8 or 9 points. When available, we offer some hunts for better bucks as an upgrade.

       The management hunts are guided. You and your guide will hunt out of comfortable, all weather stands located near feed stations or fields. The stands make this a perfect hunting set up for a father/son hunt or a youth hunt. There is no additional charge for the observer. These hunts are available from October through February. The ranch qualifies for a five month rifle season under the Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Permits. Which means, you provide the hunting license and we provide the deer tag. These hunts are set up as a weekend package that includes; lodging, meals, one guide per hunter, dressing and quartering the animal, cold game storage at the ranch and field preparation for your taxidermist.

     Our prospective on deer hunting - Our owner and his family are avid deer hunters. That is why the ranch manages the deer herd. The family has always removed the management bucks and excess does and they continue to do so. It is labor of love that we all look forward to. Our deer hunting operation is similar to Blue Bell Ice Cream’s slogan, where they claim to “Eat all they can and sell the rest”. In our case, “We hunt all we can and we sell the rest”. If you are a serious big buck hunter that will only be happy with a B & C qualifier, this is not the hunt for you. But, if you are looking for a real good quality hunt on a great ranch that has a lot of game, you really need to consider us. We enjoy deer hunting and it will be apparent to you when you hunt with us. Most of our hunters are successful, but when you are hunting a wild deer - there is no guarantee. We want you to be successful, so if your not - we will invite back at no charge for another hunt! Hey, that is enouigh incentive for us to make sure you are in the best possible location for your hunt to be successful.  

    Lat season - In the 2013/2014 season, one of our hunters was not successful, so they came back at no charge this season and hunt their buck. In 2012/2013 all of our hunters were successful. We hope the trend continues. 

Results of our 2014/2015 Season

Dale T. Adams from Belle Chase, La. with a nice opening weekend buck taken on 10-5-14. Dale's buck scored 149-2/8" gross and had a live weight of #212.    

HW "Willard" Morris from LaPorte, Texas with a buck he took on 10-5-14.

MD Richnow from Deer Park, Texas with our first buck taken this season on 10-04-14. MD has a plan, it involves shooting the first shooter buck and doe he can and hunting the river for exotics. This year, his plan paid off with a feral hog.

Results of our 2013/2014 Season

Nathan and Skip Taylor (also pictures below) with a six year old, eight point management buck taken on 02-02-14. This buck had 7-3/4" brow tines. I mostly remember this as being a cold day. Maybe not cold by national standards, but in the low 30's, high humidity, sleeting and a hard north wind. It was a day where you come in for breakfast and put on more clothes. A perfect day to hunt out of an open topped jeep.  This was our last buck hunt of the season. The hunt ended at noon on Sunday and the buck was taken at noon on Sunday.

Mathew Thorne of Covington, La. with a nice upgrade buck taken on 01-25-14. Matt's buck had 5" bases and a handfull of additional base points.

Brian Bubrig from Buras, La. with a good solid eight pointer taken on 01-25-14.

Darryl Bubrig, Sr. from Belle Chasse, La. with a nine heavy pointer he took on 01-24-14

Jaxon Zeller (Twelve Years Old) of Katy, Texas with a nice eight point he took on 01-18-14. Jaxon's buck was 22" outside (20-3/4" I/S) and scored 128-6/8".

Staurt Lorraine of Angleton, Texas with a nice 10 point upgrade buck he took on 01-12-14.

Bria, Jeff & Ava Beardon (L to R) from Conroe, Texas with a nice 10 point upgrade buck that Jeff took on 01-04-14. We have always advertised that we do father & son hunts. Sorry girls, we did not intent to leave ya'll out. Make that - father & daughter hunts as well!

Robert & Halie Timm from Spring, Texas with a nice eight pointer that Robert took on 01-03-14.

Joel King from Baytown, Texas with a nice five year old eight pointer he took on 12-22-13. The buck was 19-3/4" inside and scored 126-4/8".

Curtis Buck of Burton, Texas with a wild looking whitetail he took on 12-22-13.

Derek Selva from Dickinson, Texas with an old River Ranch nine pointer. This buck was 19" inside and scored 126-4/8". When deer have teeth, we can age them. When they don't, we just know that they are old. This is an old deer that we had not seen before.

Chris (Dad) and Jaeden Marchlewicz of Crosby, Texas pose with Jaeden's buck taken on 12-06-13. This is a five year old dominant buck that weighed 170# (live weight).

Olivia Bubrig from Belle Chasse, La with her first buck taken on 11-29-13.

Julieanna Bubrig of Belle Chasse, La. with her first buck taken of 11-29-13.

Dale T. Adams from Belle Chasse, La. with a nice buck he took on 11-29-13. Dale punched out a 153 yards shot like it was nothing. For a man from shotgun country, that is pretty good. I love these guys that can reach out and touch one.

Wade Polk of Danbury, Texas with a nice buck taken on November 22, 2013. This buck was taken on the first hunt. Sometimes it seems easy and sometimes you have to really hunt for them. Good shooting Wade.

Marilyn Taylor of Huntington, Texas with a nice eight pointer taken in the afternoon on 11-17-13. This was suppose to be Marilyn's first buck. But, actually the warm up buck she shot yesterday was proabably her first. Good shooting Marilyn!

Donnie Taylor of Huntington, Texas with a nice free ranging Hill Country eight pointer he took off the Pedernales river on 11-17-13.

Congratulations to Ashley Woolie & her dad, Marion Woolie of Houston, Texas with a nice 6 x 7 taken on 11-15-13. This is an upgrade buck that they nick named "Old Gnarly". As it turned out, Old Gnarly met his match when Ashley got him in her scope. It was a love story.

Congratulations to David Vlasek Jr and son, Hunter Vlasek of Pearland, Texas on Hunter's first buck. Hunter took a nine point (137-2/8" B & C) on Nov 1st at 125 yards. The buck weighed 175#

Melvin Richnow with a free ranging Sika buck taken on the River. We try to send each hunter home with a extra deer for the additional meat. The extra deer is usally a doe out of one of our high fenced pastures. But we do hunt the free ranging exotics on the river as well. Each season we will take about 10-12 axis or sika deer, plus a few hogs on the river. Melivin took a nice sika buck last year as well. Not bad for a free bonus deer.

Melvin Richnow of Deer Park, Texas with a nine pointer taken on 10-06-2013.  

Willard Morris of LaPorte, Texas took our first buck of the season on October 5, 2013. It was an old buck with a freaky rack. He weighed 180# and had fourteen scoreable points.

Results of our 2012 Management Hunts

Dale T. Adams of Belle Chase, La. witha nive nine pointer. Dale shot his buck on the last morning (01-13-13)of his hunt.

Bill Bubrig from Belle Chasse, La. with a hard earned eight pointer he bagged on 01-12-13. Sometimes we have to hunt hard to find one. This is one of those.

Blake C. Adams (Son) from LaFayette, La. and Dale T. Adams (Dad) from Belle Chase, La. with a nice River Ranch buck Blake took on 12-08-2012.

Matthew Thorne (above) from Covington, La with a nice buck he took on 12-08-2012 

Jason M Champagne (above) from Baton Rouge with a nice buck he took on 12-08-2012.

Derek (Dad) and Jason Selva from Newville, Alabama with a nice buck Jason took on 12-02-12. I am not allowed to call this a last minute buck, becuase we still had 20 minutes left to hunt. So, it almost was. 

BJ Fajkus of Deer Park, Texas with a 160" buck taken on 11-10-12. This was an upgade deer from our management hunts. It had a live weight of 200 pounds.

Ross Polk of Danbury, Texas with his eight point buck taken on November 4, 2012.

Austin Azinger with a nice nine pointer taken on October 21, 2012. 

Mark Shubrook of Parker, Texas with his buck taken on 10-21-12.

Cyrus (Dad) & Noah (Son) Bahrami of Houston, Texas with a nice buck (first buck) taken by Cyrus on October 19,2012.

Don Wake of Pasadena, Texas (pictured above) with an eight pointer taken 10-07-12.

M.D. Richnow of Deer Park, Texas with a free ranging Sika buck taken off the River on 10-07-12. 

Results of our 2011 Management Hunts


Dale T. Adams of Belle Chasse, La. with a nice buck taken on 02-02-2012. Dale's buck was 21-1/2" wide and scored 136" gross.

Jeff Beardon (pictured above) with a buck taken on 01-22-2012. Jeff's five year old buck scored 153-5/8" with thriteen scoable points. This was an upgrade hunt from our management hunts.


Lindsey Schramm of Madisonville, Texas poses with her buck taken on 12-17-2011 and her Dad - Mike Kelley. Lindsey's buck was an old timer, he scored 138" (with both brow tines). I have always said we do father/son hunts, I guess daughters like to hunt, too.


Derek Selva with a nice buck he took on 12-16-2011. Derek is one of my long distance shooters. If I can see it, he can shoot it. It is nice to have him for a late season hunt, when some of the deer are getting skittish.


Wade Polk with a porcupine taken on 11-20-11........Hey, who said we don't have any exotics?


Wade Polk (above) from Danbury, Texas with a nice buck taken on 11-19-11. Wades buck has an inside spread of 17-1/2".


Tyler (left) and Richard Smith with Richards 134" buck taken on November 12th. This buck is 18" inside with an 11" tine. A very nice mature deer.


B.J. Fajkus with a 155-6/8" buck taken on 11-05-11. This buck weighed 170 pounds. This hunt was an upgrade from our management hunts. Congratulations B.J.!


Larry Fajkus with a big solid management buck he took on 11-06-11. The five year old buck scored 126-4/8" and weighed 165 pounds.


Lynn Friedrich (above) with a nice buck she took on 11-6-11. It is looking like Lynn will carry on the hunting tradition in the Friedrich family.

Drake Morris (eleven years old) from Shore Acres with David Morris (dad) and Drake's 146" buck taken 10-30-11.


Michael Dewey (above) of Dallas, Texas with a nice buck taken on 10-22-11. The buck was 150# live weight and scored 120" B & C Gross.



Don Wake with his buck taken on 10-9-2011. Some times they come easy and some times you have to really hunt hard. Don got his buck on the last day of his hunt.


M.D Richnow with his buck taken on 10-08-2011. This buck scored 147" gross and weighed 174# live.


H.W. Morris with the first buck of our 2011 season, taken on October 7, 2011. His buck had a live weight of 178#'s and an outside spread of 19-1/2".


Results of the 2010 Management Hunts

Nick Truxillo (Grandfather) and Tyler Smith of Cat Spring, Texas pose with a nice buck (127 B & C) that Tyler took on 01-22-11.

Joel King of Baytown,Texas with a nice eight point buck taken on 1-16-2011. Joel picked up a nice pair of matching freshly shed antlers while we were hunting. You never know about late season hunts.

David and Drake Morris of Shore Acres, Texas with Drakes (son) eight pointer taken on 12-22-2010.

Derek Selva of Dickinson, Texas with a River Ranch eight pointer taken on 12-18-2010. Derek hunted with Frank Imbruglia of Houston, Texas who also took a nice buck on the same day. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of Frank with his deer.

Bob Rush of Boerne, Texas with a nice eight pointer taken on 12-16-2010.

Chris and Ryland Marchlewicz (above) of Crosby, Texas with Ryland's nine pointer taken on 12-04-2010.

Lloyd & Grant Charpentier with Grants ten pointer taken on 11-21-10. The buck grossed 142-3/8" and had a live weight of 178#'s.

Shane Sampels of Sealy, Texas with a nice 120-6/8" eight pointer taken on 11-20-10. Shane was hunting with Pat Black.

Bill and Trey Fischer w/ Trey's nice eight pointer taken from the river pasture (free ranging) on 11-13-10


Dale Adams of Belle Chase, Louisiana with a nice ten pointer taken on 11-03-10. Well.......I did not get a picture of Dale's buck with my camera. But, here he is serving a pot of shrimp he just boiled........you gotta love those Louisiana hunters when they want to cook, because they really know how. This was Dale's fifth season to hunt with us.

Ross Polk with a 126" B & C Gross eight pointer taken on 10-29-10. Ross's buck was 20-1/2" I/S and dressed 135#

Chuck & Jay Carney pictured with Joel & Anthony Venturini. Chuck and Anthony were the successful hunters in these father/son hunts on 10-24-10. We did not score these bucks, but the larger one was 19" wide and scored about 130".

M.D. Richnow of Deer Park, Texas with a nice buck taken on 10-02-10. The buck had a gross B & C score of 140-3/8".

Don Wake of Pasadena, Texas with a nice buck taken on 10-02-10. The buck had an inside spread of 20". The gross B & C was 126-2/8".


H.W. Morris of Lomax, Texas with a nice buck taken on 10-3-10. The buck had an inside spread of 19". The gross B & C score was 136-5/8".

Results of the 2009 Management Hunts

B & C Score: 140-2/8" gross w/ 21" inside spread Deer's Age: 5-1/2 yr old nine pointer shot
Saturday afternoon (10-24-09). Hunter: Dennis Henke, Fredericksburg, Texas

B & C Score 126-3/8” Gross w/20” spread (18-4/8” I/S), 5-1/2 Year Old Eight Point taken on Friday
afternoon (11-20-09) by Tom Landis of Pearland, Texas.

Jim Stanton with a nice eight point taken on 12-5-09.

Joel King with a nice eight point taken on 12-6-09.

Derek Selva with an eight point buck that scored 134-6/8” B & C. He took the buck on Friday
afternoon 12-18-09. Derek also took a whitetail doe and a free ranging axis doe over the same


Christopher Marchlewicz and his son Rylan with a nine point buck that scored 128-6/8” B & C.
Christopher took the buck on Friday afternoon 1-1-10.

Dale Adams with a nice eight point taken 2-13-10. This is not trick photography,
the buck scored 139-5/8".

Chuck Carney with a 132" eight point buck (20" spread) taken on 2-26-10.