Our Seven Bronze Winners from the 2017 Horn Showcase

RR Escondido Red (Cowboy Up Chex & RR Red Clover, 112" TH) won bronzes for TH (112-5/8") and Composite (Bases 18-3/8" & 18-1/2"). He is now 47 months old and his total horn numbers are second to no one. There has never been a longhorn bull put this much horn on this fast. It's in his pedigree and he is putting it on his progeny. One of his bronze winning son's is pictured below.  

RR Star Dust (RR Sweet Brindle Dust & BL Wind Dancer) won all three Bronzes. She has won 10 now, so it's "old hat" for her. At 37 months old, she measured 72-3/4" TTT, 95-3/8" TH and bases were 14.94" & 15.32". Her total horn is really astounding for her age. Her daddy
(SBD) is the second longest total horn longhorn bull in the breed - ever. He now has 114-1/2" of total horn. Second in the breed only to Cowboy Tuff Chex (117-1/4").  

RR Kendall (Cowboy Up Chex & PPF Mimosa) won bronze for Total Horn.
She had 84-5/8" 2 years & 7 months. Her momma has 115" TH, so she gets is naturally.

RR Tequila Sunrise (RR Escondido Red & RR Remy) won Bronze for TTT.
He was 49-7/8" at 15 months. Not a bad start.

The 2017 Red McCombs Award

The 2017 Red McCombs Award winner was Donnie & Marilyn Taylor. Pictured in the center is Marilyn accepting the award
Our Two Winners from the Winchester Futurity of 2017 and the Class 13 Winner from the Millennium Futurity.

RR Harper won Class 5 at the Winchester Futurity on 02-24-2017.
She also won Class 13 at the Millennium Futurity on 05-13-2017. That's about as big as it gets.

RR Dixie Dancer won Class 10 at the Winchester Futurity in 02-24-2017.

     Our thirteen 2016 bronze winners from the Longhorn World Championship (LWC) and the Horn Showcase (HSC). 

RR Escondido Red won a bronze at the LWC for having 106-1/4" of total horn at 35-1/2 months.  He also won two more at the HSC for Total Horn and Composite.

RR Daisy won a LWC bronze for having 92-7/8" TH at 35-1/2 months old. Daisy also won two more at the HSC for Total Horn and Composite. She is a full sister to RR Escondido Red (out of the same flush). Personal note - It drives me crazy for a cow not to have a tail switch. RR Daisy had a full switch and pulled it off last spring, Ugh.

RR Star Dust won a LWC Bronze for being 64-7/8" TTT at 25 months and another one for having 82" of TH. She also won all three bronzes (TTT, TH & Comp) at the HSC.  It was a great win because she was the youngest entry in that class (Class 14). She is our oldest SBD daughter.

RR Ruby won a LWC bronze for having 62-3/4" of total horn at 21 months and one more for composite at the HSC. Ruby is an SBD daughter out of Red Clover. Red Clover is also the dam of RR Daisy and RR Escondido Red pictured above.


   Bob Loomis (holding the plaque) receiving the first annual Loomis Award. This award will be presented in May each year at the Red River Longhorn Sale as an annual award to breeders that have improved the longhorn breed. After winning every award there is, Bob has really raised the bar on this breed and is very deserving to have an award name sake.

Red & Charline McCombs pictured w/ Alan Sparger in the middle. The Red McCombs award was started at Red's sale is 2015. It is an award to Red from all of the longhorn breeders that are in appreciation for every thing Red has done to improve the longhorn cattle industry. I gave Red the first award in 2015 and he will select who the future awards are given to.  

 Stan Searle was the recipient of the Red McCombs award in 2016. This was my small spot in the sunshine to have a speaking part when Alan Sparger and I awarded Stan for his achievement.  

Congratulations to Stan Searle, he is class act that really benefits the longhorn industry.

Our Thirteen 2015 Bronze Winners from the HSC & LWC. 

     RR Escondido Red won two bronzes at the HSC for 69-5/8" TTT and 85" TH at 23 months and 12 days of age. He was 70-1/2" TTT at two years old. That has been done a few times. But, his Total Horn is pretty much unprecedented. Cowboy Tuff Chex measured 81-9/16" TH at 22 months & 13 days. RR Escondido Red measured 82-5/8"at 22 months & 21 days. So, he may be the longest total horn bull for his age, ever. He won TH by more than 11", that is a lot for a 23 month old bull in a big class.
      He also won two bronzes at the LWC for 70-5/8" TTT and 84-13/16" TH and 24 months and three days of age.

    RR Cash Dust two won bronzes at the HSC for 59-7/8" TTT and 75" TH at 21-1/2 months of age.  He is the oldest SBD son we have on the place. TL Longhorns have one that is month older and he won a bronze also.  RR Cash Dust is for sale -$5,000.

   RR Star Dust won Bronze at the HSC for TTT. She was 42-3/8" TTT at 13 months. She is our oldest SBD Heifer. She also won a bronze at the LWC for 44-1/4" TTT. She was 13 months and 3 weeks old at the LWC.

   RR Daisy won a Bronze at the HSC for 73-3/4" TH. That will usually do it for a 23 month old heifer. Three weeks later, she won another bronze at the LWC for being 74-3/4" TH.

  RR Remy won at the HSC  bronze for 85-7/8" TH. She tipped a horn 5-3/4" and still won. You gotta love it. She is still on pace (w/ tipped horn) to be 70" TTT at 36 months of age. We may be the only folks you know to enter the HSC with a tipped horn and still smiling about it.

   PPF Mimosa won a bronze at the HSC for 110-7/8" TH. She also won a TH Bronze at the LWC for having 110-15/16" TH. She has won bronzes before (17 times) and she will probably do it again. She is the only animal we entered that was not an RR name brand. For the second year she has had a daughter (RR Remy) that also won some bronzes.

Our Fourteen 2014 Bronze Winners from the HSC & LWC.

     RR Sweet Brindle Dust was a celebrity this fall at the horn measurement events. He won Bull Alley at the HSC. The prize was an event monagramed guitar. Then he brought home a bronze in all three measurement classes at the LWC and went on to collect enough of the breeders votes to become the TLMA's Ultimate Bull of the Year. The prize was another bronze.
     He was measured with 107-1/4" Total Horn at the HSC. To put that into perspective, Cowboy Tuff Chex has 109-7/8" Total Horn. Tuff is the all time world record holder of the most Total Horn on a Longhorn bull - Ever. So, he is 2-1/2" behind Tuff. Trail Dust and Top Caliber are between him and Tuff. He will pass both of them next year. He could possibly catch Tuff next year or so. He has gained 4-1/2" on Tuff last year and 2-1/2" this year. It will be intersting to see how close they are next year.

RR Remy won bronze for Total Horn (57-3/4") and Composite at the HSC. She also won two more at the LWC for Total Horn (68") and Composite. She is on pace to be over 60" TTT at two years old.

PPF Gun Maker won a bronze at the HSC for Total Horn (103").  He also won two bronzes at the LWC for TTT (61-1/2") and Composite (16" plus bases).

PPF Mimosa won a bronze at each event (two bronzes) for Total Horn. She has 107-1/2" Total Horn.

RR Red Clover won a Total Horn bronze at the LWC. She had 105-1/4" of Total Horn.

Our (Four) 2013 Bronze winners from the HSC & LWC.

RR Kristen's Bambi won bronze for Total Horn and Composite at HSC. She was on loan to the Nasa Longhorn project for a year and came back to us with a huge body and huge horns. Her breeding is WF Sorry (PPF Gunmaker daughter) x Rio Grande Chex. She is so big for her age, you feel guilty competing against a common sized cow. Lol.  

PPF Mimosa won a total horn brozne for her class at the Longhorn World Championship in Oklahoma City on 09-21-13. She had 103-5/8". Her DOB is 01-26-2008. She also won a bronze for total horn at the Horn Showcase in Ft. Worth on 10-12-13. Her total horn was 104-7/8". That makes a total of thirteen bronzes she has won in the last five years. 

Our (Seven) 2012 Bronze winners from the LWC & HSC.

RR Sweet Brindle Dust (above) won bronze at the Horn Showcase on 10-13-12 for Tip-to-Tip (64.50") and Total Horn (73.875"). There was no composite award for his division. DOB 11-05-10. Sweet Chex (Sire) x PPF Fairy Dust (Dam).


PPF Trilogy (above) won bronze at the Horn Showcase on 10-13-12 for Tip-to-Tip (69.3750"), Total Horn (84.50") and Composite (183.1250). Her DOB 07-29-09. PPF Gun Maker (Sire) x More Than Enough (Dam).

PPF Mimosa (above) won bronze at the Longhorn World Championship on 10-27-12 for Total Horn (97.25).
Her DOB 01-26-08, PPF Gunmaker (Sire) x GF Scarlet (Dam).


RR Red Clover (above) won bronze at the Longhorn World Championship on 10-27-12 for Total Horn (93.6250").
Her DOB 04-21-09, Wyoming Warpaint (Sire) x Clover (Dam). 

2011 Horn Showcase and Our Twelve Bronze Winners


2011 Longhorn World Championship and our Five Bronze Winners

2010 Horn Showcase Awards & Our Fifteen Bronze Winners


2010 Longhorn World Championship & Our Four Bronze Winners



2009 Horn Showcase Awards & Our Five Bronze Winners


2008 Longhorn World Championship Awards & Our Bronze Winner

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Chuckwagon's Wine

<align="left"> <align="left"><align="left">63-3/16" TTT on 10-3-08 (projected 72.18"), DOB 12-10-05

Wine was crowned the TLMA World Champion for his tip to tip measurement in his age division at Guthrie, Oklahoma. He was killed in a freak accident (two bulls fighting) the same year. We only had nine cows bred to him, of which we received three heifers.


   If you think that your cattle are among the best in the world, currently there is a way to find out. All you have to do is enter them in the Longhorn World Championship, also know as the LWC. The first LWC sponsored by the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance was held at Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Lazy E Arena on October 2-4, 2008.

We took three cows/heifers and two bulls for the horn measuring competition. The only measurements I have ever kept up with is the Tip-To-Tip (TTT)measurements. So, that is the only competition I entered the five cattle in. There are actually three categories of horn measurements. Besides the TTT, there is class for total horn and complete horn. The complete horn being a combined total of TTT, Total Horn and Base Circumferences. Next year, I will enter any cattle that I take in all three categories. This past year was a first for me, so it was a learning experience.

The five animals I selected to take, all had TTT horn projections in the 70 plus inch categories. Most of them did well. My only first place winner a 30 month old bull named Chuckwagon’s Wine. I had another bull named ASOCL Unstopable Emperor (nickname is Stopper) that was 19 months old. Stopper finished 3rd in his class. My twenty four month old heifer, Rio Frio SL finished 4th. My 43 month old cow named Sages Hope finished 5th and my 20 month old heifer (RR Fancy Pant) finished 7th.

Not bad for my first trip. They all finished respectfully and it was pretty exciting to receive the bronze head for a first place finish. When the awards ceremony concluded, I was left with a feeling that my program was definitely on track.

2008 Horn Showcase – Two weeks after the TLMA awards, the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America held the Horn Showcase in Fort Worth, Texas. Chuckwagon’s Wine had won his class at the TLW in Guthie and he did not go to the Horn Showcase. The other four cattle did. Again, they were only entered in the TTT competition and they also finished pretty well.
Sage’s Hope finished 2nd in her class and she was my highest finisher at the Horn Showcase. ASOCL Unstopabull Emperor and RR Fancy Paint both finished 3rd. While Rio Frio SL finished 4th. I liked it.