Embryo Transfer

    Every great production ranch has a great master plan. Embryo transfer is a good process that helps a ranch produce multiple calves from a superior cow.

   For the process of Embryo Transfer, you will give fertility shots to your best production cow (to produce more eggs) and then Artificially Inseminate her with the bull of your choice. Her eggs are then flushed and placed in recipient cows that will carry the pregnancy. The process is expensive and the success rate is poor (my experience has been less than 30%). But, the results can achieve multiple calves per year out of your best cow. This is a practice that is used a lot in the cattle industry and the breeds using it the most are also the breeds that are making the greatest improvements.

    My ranch master plan is to produce about 40-50 calves a year. Most of these calves will be pasture bred by one of the bulls I have in service and about 15-20 calves will be embryo transfer calves. In 2004, I was struggling to get longhorn cattle that would be 60" TTT or at least project to be that much. Of course in 2004, a 60" cow was a premium commodity. Today, a 60" cow is pretty common. Currently, I am trying not to naturally breed any cows with a TTT number (or projection) of less than 70". Hopefully, next year that number will be raised. Each year I will flush my best production cows to the best bulls available to me.

   The cows pictured below are some of the cows I have flushed in recent seasons. Each of these cows have qualities that are desirable to me. Matching them with the correct bull for the desired results is where the fun starts. Wind Chime BL will soon be 80" TTT. In 2011, she had four bull calves and four heifer calves from five different bulls. As her calves get older, we will determine what was the best cross for her.