Thank you for viewing the animals we have cosigned to up coming sales or listed for sale on this site. Included in the sale price of animals listed on this site will be TLBAA registration transfer, shot history (and it will be current), health papers for travel (if needed), pregnancy or semen test (if needed).
Delivery is not included, but if delivery is needed we would be happy to discuss any arrangements you may need. We have many trips planned with spaces available.


Cow Price Sheet

For various reasons, some cattle are not priced and designated with NFS (Not For Sale) note. Except for those few, you should find a price for most of the cattle shown on this site.

How did I price them? Easy for me to say, because it is all about horn. The cows and heifers with the most horn or the most potential to have more horn (including who they are bred to) are priced higher. The bulls are similar, but on a price scale of their own. A good rule of thumb for pricing bulls is “the really, really good ones are worth a bunch of dollars and the rest of them are not worth much at all”. Usually the biggest price variance in the bull market is effected by their price per pound, and your results will not vary on that subject I promise.


RR Sweet Chariot NFS
PPF Trilogy NFS
RR Remy NFS 
RR Red Clover........................................... NFS 
HL Queen of the Dark NFS
LLL Max's Mocha NFS
RR Double Capriccio NFS
RR Cover Girl 277 NFS
RR Crème De La Creme NFS
RR Royal NFS
RR Dixie Dancer NFS
RR Unstopabull Honey NFS
RR Kendall NFS