Thank you for viewing the animals we have cosigned to up coming sales or listed for sale on this site. Included in the sale price of animals listed on this site will be TLBAA registration transfer, shot history (and it will be current), health papers for travel (if needed), pregnancy or semen test (if needed).
Delivery is not included, but if delivery is needed we would be happy to discuss any arrangements you may need. We have many trips planned with spaces available.


Bull Pasture Price Sheet

For various reasons, some cattle are not priced and designated with NFS (Not For Sale) note. If you are intersted in something we don't have priced, ask us and see. Sometimes we will price it. 

How did we price them? Easy for us to say, because it is all about horn. The cows and heifers with the most horn or the most potential to have more horn (including who they are bred to) are priced higher. The bulls are similar, but in a league of their own. The best bulls in the history of our breed are in production right now and tommorows bulls will replace them. We have been very fortunate to have bred some of the best of the best. We may have a bull in our bull pasture right now that will exceed those bulls. 

RR Cristal Dust - Sire & Dam both have over 110" TH. He is currently in service at Jack Mountain Ranch (Hal Meyer). NFS
RR Monico Dust - His pedigree is a combo of Loomis' Lady Monica (and Tuff) & RR Sweet Brindle Dust. He is currently in service at Bentwood Ranch (Don Huber).  NFS
RR Fantom 309 (Jimmy Jones Partnership) He is currently in service at Dream Catcher Ranch (Debbie Witham) NFS
RR Safari Dust, Being bred to select heifers - Loomis breeding at it's finest. His momma is a HSC Futurity winner. Consigned to the Red River Sale
RR Bronnze Dust - Another great bull out ot a great cow. He projects over 80" TTT. $1,500
PP Buster $1,500
PP Dash $1,500

River Ranch Bulls - Who has one in service?

Mike & Linda Metcalfe
Boone, Colarado
Purchased RR Tequila Sunrise in January 2018.

Jeff Ketelsen
Norfolk, Nebraska
Bred RR Bodacious from June - August 2016

Steve & Cyd Jordan
Ardmore, Oklahoma
Purchased RR River Warrior 05-28-2016

Dr. Lou Shields
Brenham, Texas
Purchased RR Tuff Break 05-22-16
Purchase RR Last Jamacian (WS Jamkizm & Lazy J’s Last Kick) May 04-15-2013                      
Austin & Susan Young
Purchase RR Last Jamacian (WS Jamkizm & Lazy J’s Last Kick) May 05-22-2016
Purchase RR Rigby January 2016

Donnie & Marilyn Taylor
Huntington, Texas
Bred RR Bullnanza from 09-10-17 to Current
Bred RR Back Forty Swagger from April 2016 to May 2017

Rickey & Donna Weaver, Anahuca, Texas 
RR Smokey
Purchased 05-01-16        
RR Charro Up, Cowboy Up Chex & PPF Trilogy                                          
Purchased 06-26-15 

Bob & Pam Loomis
Overbrook, OK
Bred RR Sweet Brindle Dust from May  to September 2015

Roger & Debbie Witham
Alvord, Texas
Bred RR Fantom 309 from September 2017 to current 
Bred RR Bullnanza from January 2017 to September 2017
Bred RR Bullnanza from Sept 2015 to May 28, 2016

Don & Lois Huber
Willis, Texas
Bred RR Monico Dust from June 2017 to Current
Bred RR Bullnanza from June 2016 to December 2016
Bred RR Bodacious from March 2016 to June 2016
Bred RR Escondido Red from March - Sept 2015

Ben Liska
Kingsville, Texas                                    
RR Storm Trooper, Purchased 05-30-2015
RR Red Grande, Purchased 04-01-2011

Bob Weaver, Edmond, Oklahoma                              
RR Lamour, Rio Grande Chex & WS Rising Star                                          
Purchased 05-30-15

Kurt & Glenda Twining, Silver T Ranch                   
RR Dusty,  Sweet Brindle Dust & More than Enough                                    
Purchased 05-01-2015

Karol Schreiner, Mountain Home, Texas, Widow of Charlie Schreiner III, YO Ranch     
RR Just Do It, Sweet Chex & RR Creekmore’s Cowgirl                                 
Purchased 08-02-2014 

Tom & Linda Harman, Fredericksburg, Texas          
RR Sweet Tillman, Sweet Chex & Unstopabull Taba                                      
Purchased 07-23-2014, Sold to Sam Dodde 09-10-2015

Travis Hoffman Fredericksburg Veterinary Clinic
Fredericksburg, Texas    
Purchased RR Tejas Dust 03-12-2016 
Purchased RR Paladin  03-01-2013     
Scott Clark, Santa Fe, Texas                                      
RR Slade, RJF Sittin Tall & Chicklet JC                                                          
Purchased 06-2-2014

Shawn Fairbanks, Tennesee                                       
RR Gus, Rio Grande Chex & RR Red Clover                                                  
Purchased 04-28-2014 

Alexander Babbs, Kerrville, Texas                             
RR Winston,  Red River Chex & BL Wind Dancer                                         
Purchased 03-14-2013

Scott & Stacey Schumacher, Schumacher Cattle Co 
SHR Awesome Rio Remington, JP Rio Grande & Creekmore’s Awesome     
Purchased 03-04-2013

Kent Mayes/Janey Harman, Llano, Texas                    
RR Vargus, Drag Iron & Wind Chime BL 135                                              
urchased 01-14-2014

Joe Sedlacek, Lazy J Longhorns, Kansas                     
RR King Tutt,  Top Caliber & Rio Frio SL                                                     
Purchased 03-11-2013

Joe Sedlacek, Lazy J Longhorns, Kansas                      
RR Gunslinger, PPF Gun Maker & SDR Gracie                                            
Purchased 03-30-2011

Dr. Clint & Kristine Doiron (Knoxville, TN)
Purchased RR El Jefe 07-10-17